3rd Time’s the Charm

I’m a mom of three girls. My first two were born in the hospital. My stays in the hospital were distasteful and difficult due to the distance of the hospital. Also because of some of the situations that arose while I was there. These factors lead me to conduct a search online. I looked up midwives in my area and found Toni.100_7707

After reading over what she had to offer, I decided within myself that delivering at home was what I wanted to do. I learned so much more about pregnancy, labor and delivery by having a midwife. Unlike my previous doctor, that made me feel like a number and not a person, Toni made me feel more at ease and that I was important.

My labor pain started one Saturday evening. After getting the girls to bed, I went to bed shortly after them. My night was very uncomfortable! I seemed to awake every hour on the hour. I would awake with what felt like Braxton Hicks contractions, but with great pressure. They were so strong that a trip to the bathroom was followed by each one. It seemed that my bladder was squeezed on each contraction. I noted also, a touch of back pain during one of them. This really made me feel that labor would be coming soon. Especially since I had already had some bloody discharge a few days prior to this.

!cid_027EF060-E982-493B-B231-ED79DCD96378The next morning we didn’t go to church because I didn’t know how things would turn out. My contractions slowed down after waking in the morning. (At this time my family and I were staying with my parents due to construction on our home. A friend offered their home to us for the delivery.) Since everything slowed down, I went ahead and bathed the girls and got them dressed. We sat around the house for a while and contractions were very infrequent. Around 2 o’clock, my husband and I went on an errand, and than took the girls to go eat pizza. On the way to the pizza place, I got a really strong contraction. As we sat there, and ate our pizza, I started having contractions at more evenly spaced intervals. I started getting nervous.

We headed back to my mom’s and dropped off the girls. Toni wanted to check me out to see what was going on, so we headed to her place at about 3:30 in the afternoon. By the time we arrived, things had slowed down again, but I was dilated about 3 centimeters. She didn’t want to send me home incase we had to drive right back, so she offered to let me take a nap, so I did. Contractions were few and sporadic, but painful. So after a nap, my husband and I drove to town to get some dinner. I had a few contractions during dinner and they were pretty uncomfortable. After leaving the restaurant, we stopped by my brother and sister in-laws and visited for a bit. After about an hour contractions became more and more frequent and intense. So we headed to our friends house and alerted Toni. When we got there I went straight to the tub and tried to relax. Things slowed down again so I got out of the tub. I tried to rest and had occasional but painful contractions. I think I might have been five to six centimeters at this point. It was now around eleven thirty or twelve at night. The doula came and she started massaging my back and that really helped.

Things were really getting painful, so I got back in the tub. Contractions were very quick and intense now and very regular. I wished that getting to those lastjessie1 few centimeters could have happened more quickly. I tried to remember my breathing. Doing that and the help from the doula and Toni got me through it. And, of course, having my husband there was a comfort as well. When I got to 10 centimeters, I became weary from sitting in the bathtub, so we decided to go to the bed. It was time to push! I was really shocked at the pain I was feeling, after having two epidural babies. I remember my left leg was shaking uncontrollably at the time, but I’ve heard that that is common. But it bothered me at the time. After about 15-20 minutes of pushing my third little girl, Vivian was born at 2:56 AM. She was in the right position, so it didn’t take too long. I got to hold her immediately after her coming out. I started nursing her right away, and she figured it out within a few minutes. This helped deliver the placenta more quickly. After Toni stitched up a small tear that I got during deliver, I got a shower and something to eat. It was nice to not be attached to any IV’s or wires. I got to sleep with my husband and new little honey bun in a real bed and in a real house. It was wonderful. I would definitely go for this kind of experience again. It’s the way things should be. After two semi bad experiences, this third time was the charm!