Addison’s Birth Story

Addison is our third baby. Our first two were both unmedicated births, but in the hospital. While neither experience was bad, we just did not have as much freedom as we would have liked to have. So, with baby number three we decided to try a home birth.curless1

My labor started at about 4:00 in the morning on September 4. I woke up having contractions about every ten minutes. I did not get very excited, because I had experienced a lot of prelabor, including two false alarms. Since I couldn’t sleep I decided to take a bath to relax. Afterwards I was able to sleep between contractions until the kids woke us up. After everyone was up and fed we all went for a walk, and nothing really changed. Contractions about every ten minutes, strong enough to get my attention, but not strong enough to make me think today is the day. Things continued like this for pretty much the entire day. Late that afternoon my husband insisted that I call Toni just to let her know what was going on, in case things decided to pick up. We ate supper, and decided to go for another walk. Half way through the walk I started to feel really uncomfortable and decided to go back home. The contractions were starting to get a little stronger and my back was hurting. When we got home I took another bath and then lay down for a few minutes. Then we got the kids bathed and put them to bed.  At this point the contractions were getting a little closer together, and I was having some bloody show. At around 10:30 we decided to go ahead and call Toni to see if Andrea, her assistant could come check me. When she checked me I was at three centimeters, which is where I had been for nearly a week and a half. I was very discouraged thinking this was just another false alarm. Andrea called Toni, and she decided to curless2go ahead and come over. Things really got going then, and by the time Toni got there, contractions were very strong and pretty close together. During this time I preferred to stand and lean against the kitchen counter during contractions, with Britt, my husband, rubbing my back. When Toni checked me, about an hour after she got there, I was between five and six centimeters. During contractions I was feeling almost all the pain in my back. Britt was there for each contraction to rub my back. After listening to the baby’s heartbeat, Toni determined that it was posterior. In order to get the baby to turn, I alternated sitting on the birthing stool and rolling on the ball during contractions. The baby turned just before I got to transition. During transition, the contractions were very painful, and I had a harder time relaxing, but my husband was a great coach helping me through it. I stood for the first few contractions of transition, and then decided to lie down.. After a few more contractions I was feeling a lot of pressure, so Toni was going to check me. Before she checked me I started feeling nauseous, and threw up. When Toni checked me I was eight centimeters. After a few more contractions Andrea checked me. At this point there was a lot of pressure and I was definitely starting to feel the urge to push. I was not quite complete, so Toni asked if I would want to stand for a few contractions. The secondcurless3contraction after standing I told Toni the baby was coming. I sat on the birthing stool and my water broke. Toni asked if I could push, but I was really uncomfortable on the stool, so after that contraction I moved back to the bed. Addison Joy was born after just a few pushes at 3:35 am on September 5. I nursed her right away while Britt cut the cord, and the placenta was delivered. I felt really good, and had no tears. Delivering at home was a wonderful experience, and we were very pleased with the care we received from Toni before, during and after the birth