Amazing Love

newbaby1Amazing love…. how can it be? Well for me it has been to trust in God’s sovereignty regarding every detail of this life. I discovered just how amazing His grace is when I so graciously gave birth to Aliah Grace on July 16th, 2003, at 9:50 PM. She is one of our four precious children the Lord has blessed us with. This fourth pregnancy, I began to weigh my decision, home or hospital? Never really finding peace or justification for a hospital birth, but finding every good reason and peace for homebirth. For the third time we chose the same tenderhearted, kind, and loving midwife – Toni.

During the last days of pregnancy, I was dilated to 6 cm for three days with no other real physical signs of labor. I couldn’t grasp that real well, but a fear began to rise that I may be alone with my other three children – my water break – and I deliver the baby. Toni was the perfect example of self-sacrifice and portrayed the passion she has for what she does. She spent all day that Monday, July 14th, with me. That night she left because I had not progressed with any other physical labor. Tuesday, she stayed in contact throughout the day. Still 6 cm and no labor. Wednesday morning I called to say I had only a few contractions during the night and only some discomfort this morning.newbaby2 She insisted out of love that she come to my house that morning at 11 AM. She stayed with me through out the day as we had decided to try natural herbs to help me to possibly progress with hopes of active labor. With success contractions were coming, pretty regular around 6-7 PM. But, they were mild and not any stronger that they had been the past few weeks. So I decided to go to bed for the night. Toni said she was staying until the baby was born. About 9:30 PM I got up to use the restroom and I happened to have a contraction that wouldn’t go away. I walked to the bed and mywater broke at 9:35 PM. I peeked out my door and told the crew… my water broke and I felt the baby descend. Everyone came into the room to start preparing – when all of a sudden a small urge to push came – one more trip to the bathroom. I came back, got onto the bed and here came a pushing contraction. Everyone thinks I am having just a contraction – Toni says can I check you and I said “no”. Here comes another push and out comes the baby’s head – If only you could have seen their faces – and here comes one more push and out came Aliah Grace. From start to finish at a record time of 15 minutes. Now – that’s amazing love and grace from the hand of the Father!