An Amazing Day: Lyndie’s Story

On Thursday September 15, 2005, as I reached the door to Toni’s house for my 38-week appointment, I felt a little trickle of water. I wasn’t sure if my water broke because I didn’t have a big gush like I thought it would be.

During the checkup Toni told me I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. She wasn’t sure if that was my water that broke or my cervix producing moisture. Both of us expected me to deliver late with this being my first baby and my mother having me 19 days late. Since we weren’t sure if my water broke Toni told me to go about my day as usual but keep in touch. The rest of the day I slowly leaked water with change in positions but had no other signs of labor. I called Toni to let her know what was going on and she said to get a good nights sleep and the next day we could have her test the fluid to see if it was amniotic.

That night was like any other except my back hurt more than usual. When 5:00 AM came it was time for Derrick to wake up for work, but he wanted to stay home. He thought I would have the baby, but I didn’t so I told him to go to work. His job site was 3 hours away. That day I was still leaking fluid but no other labor signs. I called Toni to tell her that when Derrick got home we would come to have the fluid tested.

At 2:30 PM I was putting clothes in the dryer and had a strong cramp. It didn’t last long so I didn’t think much of it. A few minutes later I had another and a strong urge to use the restroom. Once I finished in the restroom I had another cramp and had to return. This is when it hit me that I was probably in labor. Wanting to make sure labor is what I was experiencing I checked in my book I got in child birthing class. All of my symptoms pointed to active labor so I called Toni. By this time it was 3:00 and she said she was on the way. I then called Derrick and he was on the way home already, but was still 2.5 hours away. Then I walked outside to get my grandma who was working in the yard. Now my cramps were really strong about 4-5 minutes apart. My grandma called my dad who was at the house within 10 minutes and my mom who made it in 30 minutes.

Before Toni arrived at 4:00, I walked around the house focusing on my breathing. Toni checked my progress right away and I was 7-8 cm dilated. She told me to do what felt comfortable while they got the room ready, so I got in the shower. While in the shower Nancy (apprentice) arrived and my contractions became very intense about 1 minute apart. I stayed in the shower for about 20 minutes until the urge to push was quite strong. When finished showering Toni checked me and said I could start pushing when I wanted. I didn’t want to yet because Derrick still wasn’t home, so I lay on the bed and my mom rubbed my back. When Derrick arrived about 5:30 he took a speedy shower. Then he came and sat behind me so I could lean on him while I pushed. I pushed a few times until our beautiful daughter Lyndie Jade Edson was born at 6:11 PM. She was 6 lbs. 5 oz., 19 inches long and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. This was an amazing day and the best experience of my life. I wish I had known how fast it was going to happen so I could have enjoyed it even more.

Toni was wonderful throughout the whole pregnancy. I felt very comfortable with her and her knowledge and ability as a CPM. I would not have wanted anyone else to deliver our baby. I was sad when we went to our 6-week post-partum appointment because I knew we wouldn’t be seeing her on a regular basis. For anyone looking for a midwife who is caring, loving and knowledgeable, Toni is an excellent choice.