Blessings From Above

Shortly after our son Cody’s first birthday, we were so excited to find out that we would soon be blessed with a brother or sister for Cody. I began seeing a doctor and informed him that I wanted to have an unmedicated birth. I think he probably thought I was crazy, but agreed to what ever I wanted to do. I had a fully medicated birth with Cody at the hospital and was determined to have our next baby more “naturally”. In accordance with God’s perfect will for our lives, I soon realized that He, however, had a different plan for the birth our second child.

I agreed to stop by at a catalog party given by Kim, whom I had seen at church but did not really know, yet. I heard her mention homebirth to someone else and asked her if she knew of a midwife. She said she had her last two babies at home with Toni Kimpel and that she would be coming to the party. I had a brief chance to ask Toni some questions before rushing off for a meeting, but a spark began. I was so excited to tell my husband that I had met a midwife who did homebirths. Kim called the next morning to ask if I had any questions about homebirth and the beginning of a wonderful godly friendship began. I then called Toni and she mailed me all of the technical information. I really felt at peace about doing a homebirth, so we decided to go for it. I began seeing Toni when I was 15 weeks pregnant and loved the one on one time she spent with me at each visit.

laborsupportMy pregnancy went on without a hitch as I read lots of information on how to have a natural birth. About a month before I was due, I read a book called Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize. I was convinced that I could have a Christ centered birth if I would turn every aspect of the birth over to God and let him handle it. After all, he created the whole birth process and would know best how it should work. I called Kim, who agreed to be at my birth, and told her what I wanted to do. She was so excited and agreed to be my spiritual labor partner. I found several scriptures that spoke to me about labor and wrote them down in a spiral note card book. Then I passed this on to Kim who prayed over them and memorized them so she could speak them over me at my birth. I also daily prayed over my body, the baby, and the labor/delivery, commanding my body to do what it was created to do with God’s help. I specifically prayed, if it was God’s will, that my water would break signaling the beginning of labor, since Toni lived almost 1 hour away, my sister-in-law Meg lived 1 ½ hours away, and my mom lived 2 ½ hours away.

On Monday, March 31st, I laid Cody down for a nap, and laid down myself to watch a movie with my husband. At 1:30PM I felt a pop, but laid there for five more minutes not wanting to get my hopes up. When I stood up though, it was obvious that my water had broken. Thank you Lord! Kim was at my house within 10 minutes, but since I was not having any contractions, I told Toni to come when she was done running her errands. By 3:30 Toni, Joni (apprentice), and Meg had all arrived, but still no major contractions. At 5:30 Toni checked me and I was only 3cm dilated so she suggested that I sit on the birthing ball to get things moving. Active labor kicked in and I actually felt my pelvis spreading apart as I sat on the ball, just as I prayed it would. As my mom and dad arrived, praise and worship music was softly playing, I was focused on God, Kim was praying over me, my back was being massaged and I only mildly felt the 10-15 seconds peaks of each contractions. I was so comfortable, relaxed, and peaceful. At 7:50 PM Toni checked me and I was only 5 cm dilated now. She suggested getting in the tub. Of my whole labor, only the 3 contractions I had in the bathtub hurt because I lost my focus and could not relax. When I got into the bed, I regained my focus and Kim began softly speaking the scriptures to me again. There were five people on my bed; all comforting and helping me labor. I remember my legs shaking at one point and my mom saying that I was maybe in transition, but I was only at 5 cm 30 minutes before and I was not having “painful” contractions. No one expected my body to start pushing just 1hour and 10 minutes later at 9pm but it did. As everyone was scrambling to get scrubbed and prepared for delivery, I said I felt like I was pushing and could not stop, but Toni wanted to check me first to make sure I dilated completely. The baby’s head was only centimeters from crowning. I never felt anything painful; my body, withGod’s help, did all the work and I just worked with it. Two pushes, or body contractions as I call it since I did not initially push myself, and God blessed us again with another beautiful boy. Owen James was born at 9:10 PM, weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces, and 20 ½ inches long. It is the most amazing and beautiful thing I have ever known to feel a baby come out of my body; I can’t even describe it! Every thing I prayed for, asked for, and commanded my body to do, happened. God is so good!

newbornEven as I sit here 5 months later writing about this and remembering everything, it still gives me chills knowing that I truly experienced God’s awesome power through a natural, everyday process called birth. He wants to bless and reward us if we will only be faithful and trust Him. It changed my life, not only because God gave us this precious gift named Owen, but also because I know how rewarding it is to completely and wholeheartedly trust the Lord. I only wish I could have had the same experience with Cody’s birth, but I also look forward to having the rest of our children the same way. I am so thankful that God led me to Kim and in turn, to Toni, who have both helped me become a new person in Christ.