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“Stopwatch Labor & Delivery” – Timothy’s birth story

I was just about to fall asleep, the night our son came, when about 11:30 pm, I felt the slow trickle of my water breaking. I bolted out of bed and ran to our bathroom to see what was going on to discover that my mucous plug had also come undone. I hadn’t felt any consistent contractions so I went back to bed to see if any happened. And sure enough not long after I laid back down in my bed, I had a contraction. The next one was about 8 or 9 minutes later. Same thing with the third contraction. So my husband and I called, our Midwife, Toni.

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Hugo’s Birth Story

Hugo is my second child, and being my second pregnancy I found myself thinking I was more prepared for his birth than I really was. For instance, I didn’t think to sign up for birthing classes until it was too close to my due date to join any of the group classes, so I ended up hiring a private instructor on Toni’s recommendation.  We scheduled the classes for a month before the due date, but they kept getting pushed back due to family illnesses.  Continue reading Hugo’s Birth Story

Our Birth Journey

For almost 6 months now I have been formulating just the right story to share about our births.  There are so many fabulous & detailed birth stories written by other moms on Toni’s website that I wanted to share a different angle of our birth journeys especially for those of you who are at the cross roads: wholesome birth with an awesome Midwife – Toni or hospital birth, in high hopes that it can be as natural as it possibly can be without unnecessary medical interventions.  Continue reading Our Birth Journey