Kylie Raye

I recently had the privilege of giving birth to my beautiful daughter on January 16, 2005. I could never have done it without the help and support of my wonderful midwife Toni Kimpel, her assistant Nancy and my doula, Micah. I had a homebirth 6 1/2 years ago with my son Bryton and fell in love with my midwife that I had at the time. I truly thought I would never be satisfied with another woman delivering my child other than her. We moved to Texas when I was about 5 months into my pregnancy and so began the search for a midwife. There weren’t very many choices for this area and Houston was out of the question so I gave Toni a call and set up an appointment to meet her. I was thinking to myself “How will I ever be close to this woman in such a short time?” But I just followed my instincts and asked if she would take me and after lots of questions about my health and some careful screening she happily agreed. The first thing I noticed about Toni is how professional and thorough she was and no detail was ever left out. The second most wonderful thing about her is her ability to remain very calm and she would ever so carefully choose words to ease my mind about concerns that may have come up. Being a spastic, worry-wart such as myself, Toni always had a way of completely washing away my worries with the most calming tone of voice and words of Midwife wisdom.

I went into labor 4 days after my due-date and gave Toni a call and she got to my house in about 45 minutes. When I called, I told her that I wasn’t positive that it was labor because I had been contracting a lot over the past 2 weeks and thought a couple of times that I was in labor. She came right away and when she got there she checked me and I was 3 cm dialated. My contractions weren’t that painful and I was still thinking that this may not be it so Nancy made a stiff pot of Red Raspberry tea for me to drink. I was wanting to sip it and frequently they would gripe at me to DRINK so we would see some action!! Action we got. Really before we knew it I was dialated to 7-8 cm. I could not believe it! With my son by the time I was at that point, I was a raving mad-woman! I know that the reason it went so smoothly was because of my sweet doula, Micah. She was 6 months pregnant and there were several times in the bathroom that we would run into each others tummy! She never left my side and I know she was as exhausted as I was by the time it was over. She had the most soothing hands. For some reason it was very soothing to me for her to breathe with me. To feel and hear her breath right close to me gave me something to focus on I think. The whole time, I was very aware of Toni and Nancy constantly checking the heart rate of the baby and my blood pressure. I was very aware of everything for that matter. That is what is so wonderful about a home birth. Your senses are so keen and you really feel what is going on with your body. After waiting for a small part of my cervix to thin out, I felt like it was time to start pushing. I started out in the bed and we all decided it would help if I would get on the birthing stool. That was a good move because after a few contractions I had moved her down good. Gravity definitely works on your side in this position! The most amazing part of all of it was the sensation of feeling her move down and out of my body. I knew right where she was in the whole process. I remember yelling “Ring of Fire!!” as her head reached the biggest part and I could feel where her shoulders were before they were even out! It was so amazing! I gave one good push and Kylie Raye was completely born! All 7 pounds of her. Immediately Toni gave her a quick once over as I was crying out about how beautiful she was. She could have looked like Yoda and I would have felt the same!

After snuggling my baby for a minute, my Mom cut the cord. Well, she tried. Between not having her glasses on and the tears she was snipping at it a little bit at a time so Toni finally sweetly asked if it would be all right if she finished it. Attention was turned to me after a brief period of bleeding that was quickly controlled with a shot of pitocin and some uterine massage. This is something that my body does because I did the same thing with our son. After that they got busy doing all of the necessary things that make babies really mad like measuring her, footprints, and a general overall assessment. All was well with our new baby and she scored a 10 on her APGAR test. I could go on and on about details of the birth but my story has to end somewhere.

I would just like to say that this was the 2nd most wonderful day of my life and what a blessing to have such wonderful women to share it with. I truly believe that God sent me here to Texas temporarily to let me enjoy such a wonderful experience (we’re moving again at the end of the month!). Oh, the follow-up care is just as important to Toni as the prenatal care. She has been very attentive to our health and has been there to answer any questions and concerns that I have had since her birth. I have to say that if you are looking for a fabulous midwife like I was, Toni is the one! I highly recommend her and could go on and on!! Midwives are the way to go!!