Nikolas’s Birth

We had a beautiful birth. Our son joined us on my mom’s birthday, on a Friday evening at the same time of day, to the minute, as his big sister had been born on a Monday morning 3 years ago.DSC_0023

Labor started on Thursday afternoon, after I took our daughter for a pedicure. Our midwife, Toni, came in the evening and stayed with us all night, but I hadn’t progressed much and was feeling great, so she left early in the morning on Friday. We called her back when things started to pick up later in the morning. Things moved very slowly, only dilating a centimeter every few hours or so (we hadn’t planned to check much, and didn’t, but things were slow).

Around 5 p.m. or so, I took an herbal formula to try to get things moving more before nighttime, and our daughter nursed at my request to try to help me. After she nursed, it seemed my water broke and things began to intensify.DSCF4666 I got into the water then, and began to have very intense but very blissful contractions. There was no pain at all. These truly were “orgasmic” type contractions like I’d learned were possible during the pregnancy. It was amazing to experience.

Our daughter helped before I got in the water and when I first got in, until things got intense. She held and squeezed my hand during contractions and poured water on my belly when we were in the tub together. Our daughter went to sleep just as I was entering transition. We asked if she wanted to be woken up if baby came while she was sleeping, and she said, “No, I will go to bed and when I DSCF4712wake up, I will see the baby.” Transition and pushing was tough, but Toni really allowed me to experience it fully and do things in the way that felt right to me. It was a hard experience, but well worth being able to feel my baby emerge into the world. He came into my arms late that evening.

I had an iPod full of my favorite music on the entire time I was in the tub, and he was born to November Rain by Guns and Roses, which is the song I walked down the aisle to. Big sister met her baby brother the next morning and just radiated love. She’d said she wanted a girl during the pregnancy, but hasn’t mentioned that once since he was born. She now says “I like baby brothers.” She can’t stop talking about how much she loves him and how cute he is. She loves to come into bed with him and I when she wakes up (from bed with Dad) and share some milk and then lay down with her arm on her baby brother.DSCF4677 We’ve been going to sleep as a family each night and then Dad and her move to her bed so we aren’t waking them when we are up for nighttime nursing and diaper changes. We’re figuring things out as we go, and finding beautiful solutions to each challenge.