Prenatal Care

I provide prenatal care. The prenatal visits will be scheduled every four weeks until you are 28 weeks and then every two weeks until you are 36 weeks, at that time your visits will be weekly until the baby is born. If you are planning a homebirth, I do a homevisit around 36 weeks to see where the baby will be born and to be able to find the location when called in the middle of the night. Each prenatal visit will include weight check, blood pressure check, fundal height measurement, palpation of the baby for size and position, listening for fetal heart tones, and lab work as needed. I use a fully accredited lab out of College Station and can do any test needed for the pregnancy. Sonomasters, will do ultrasounds at Jubilee Birth Center  the second Saturday in each month. I have several other sources to refer for an ultrasound if one is needed or requested by the parents.

Care During Labor

I provide care throughout labor by monitoring the mother for good health by checking, nourishment, hydration, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and monitoring her progress in labor by observation and vaginal exams to check for effacement, dilation, station and position of the baby.I do not like to do many vaginal exams or anything else that is invasive. The baby’s well being is monitored by checking fetal heart tones with a Doppler. I offer both physical and emotional support during labor. I do not use any drugs or medications for labor or delivery. I may suggest the use of certain herbs for particular needs in the pregnancy, labor, or postpartum. I must have the right to transfer care at any time I find the pregnancy or labor has moved from normal to not normal or not safe to proceed in a homebirth. I always plan to have an assistant at every birth. This will usually be another midwife or an apprentice. You will be able to meet this person and decide if you are comfortable with them attending your birth.

Postpartum Care

I offer continued care by providing a postpartum visit at twenty-four to forty-eight hours after birth, at five days to a week postpartum, and two and six weeks postpartum and as otherwise needed. I am available by phone if questions arise concerning mother or baby. These visits will include checks on the mother’s recovery and on the baby. I will weigh the baby and will help with any breastfeeding problems.


There are several  doctors  in the area that are willing to see my clients when needed. If this is not suitable, you may chose another doctor in your area who would be willing to see you if you developed a problem that required medical care. I have several options for referral for an ultrasound (look under resources).