“Stopwatch Labor & Delivery” – Timothy’s birth story

I was just about to fall asleep, the night our son came, when about 11:30 pm, I felt the slow trickle of my water breaking. I bolted out of bed and ran to our bathroom to see what was going on to discover that my mucous plug had also come undone. I hadn’t felt any consistent contractions so I went back to bed to see if any happened. And sure enough not long after I laid back down in my bed, I had a contraction. The next one was about 8 or 9 minutes later. Same thing with the third contraction. So my husband and I called, our Midwife, Toni.

Picture 443

I had a feeling that our fourth child would soon be here. Even though this was to be our first home birth, considering how fast I labor, I knew we needed to alert Toni that things were definitely brewing. Toni recommended that I try to sleep but if things quickened for us to call her back. Not 30 minutes later we were calling her back saying, this baby was definitely on his/her way.

When Toni arrived, since the contractions were at 5 minutes apart and I was at 5cm, I decided to labor some in our tub. I ended up staying much of the time in the tub, it was a great help. But because I had had lower back pain, after a while I decided to try a different position on my bed. Back to the bed we went for Toni to check me and discover I was fully dilated and could begin pushing. She had brought her birthing stool and gave me the option of giving it a try. So I did.

After only about 2 1/2 hours of labor and about 15 minutes of pushing, our baby boy was born. From start to finish, the whole thing was nearly three hours long…. It was the best feeling ever to have our Picture 385son here in the comfort and peace of our own home, knowing we were in capable, helping hands like Toni. Thank God for her and thank God for our newest addition!