The Birth of Elisha 2010

I met with Toni at 8 am Sept. 1st, 2010.  During that visit she determined that either my water had broke or that the bag of waters had torn.  When the fluid was tested, however, it did not test as amniotic fluid.  Toni told me that I was ready to have the baby I just needed to start contracting.  She gave me an herb to take and told me to take a walk.

Elisha 2010

I got home at 9:30 am and took the herb and took my dogs, Xena and Diogi, for a walk.  By 1:30 pm, I was having consistent contractions that were thirty minutes apart.  My husband got off work early and was home by 1:30 pm.  By 3:30 pm they were fifteen minutes apart.  Starting at around 5 pm they quickly went fromElisha2 2010 ten minutes to five minutes apart.  I felt like I needed to push.

My husband was on the phone with Toni by then and she was on her way over.  She stayed on the phone with him the whole time.  Andrea, Toni’s assistant, and Toni both arrived at the house at around 5:45 pm.  They quickly got set up and he crowned at 5:55 pm and was completely delivered by 5:56 pm.  It was an amazing, life changing experience.  I know that Toni needed more of a warning, but everything escalated so quickly.  She did a great job staying calm and keeping us calm.