The Birth Story Of Hayden Dwayne Oneil Griggers

This birth story starts off with the birth of our oldest daughter Skylar. She was born at the hospital with nearly every intervention possible except for a c-section. She then spent a week in the NICU. With my newborn laying there I vowed to never again have a baby at a hospital.img_03521

On September 3, 2008, just 10 days before my 22 birthday, I had a strange hunch and took a pregnancy test. It said I was going to be a mommy again and right away we started planning our home birth. My pregnancy went well and Toni was wonderful. Then at about 36 weeks I started having Braxton Hicks contractions. Some of these were 5 minutes apart and would last for days. Little did I know I still 6 weeks of this. At 41 weeks my emotions were all over the place and every day I felt like I was in labor. In desperation to get labor really going I did castor oil…It did not work. At my 42 week appointment with Toni my blood pressure was higher than normal and Toni told me I would have to go see the OB in the morning…I was not going to have another baby in the hospital. That night we went and got some Evening Primrose Oil. I took one orally and 2 vaginally. I prayed labor would start that night.

At around 8pm I called Toni to tell her what my blood pressure was. At that time I was contracting every 5 minutes, just like I had been doing for weeks, so I did not think anything of it. Well at 10pm I went to bed. About an hour later my husband was coming to bed. In doing so he woke me up and as I lay there trying to go back to sleep I noticed the contractions were stronger and they kind of hurt. So I went to sit in the warm bath for a bit. I was in there about 20 minutes and told Aaron to call all of our birth attendants.

At midnight people started to show up. I was doing ok. I was for sure in labor this time. When Toni got there and got set up she checked me and I was 6cm. Yay, only 4 to go. I could not lay down to labor, so I got up. I found a position that worked well and did that for nearly every contraction. At some point I noticed that I stunk so I took a shower. I stayed in there for a while, but I started to get nauseous so I got out. I was really nauseated at this point and threw up…Hey it happens all the time. Sometime around here Toni checked me again and I was 8-9cm. I was really making progress. It had only been a couple of hours. Now, here is a little fuzzy. I got sick again. I guess I was showing signs of completion because Toni checked me again. She said I was nearly complete with just a little bit of cervical lip left. My water had not broken yet and the baby’s head was not fully pushing on the cervix (what I remember). I agreed for Toni to break it. The lip was still there so Toni tried to hold it back for a couple of contractions, but it still would not go.

At this point I could hardly stand it lying on the bed, I had to get up. I got up and labored on hands and knees for a few contractions. Then I got ‘grunty’ with contractions. Toni had me sit on the birth stool and checked. The lip was still there. Toni held it back and it final slipped back over the baby’s head. Now I wanted to push. I pushed hard and was bringing him down. Now at some point I think his heart rate was slowed and Toni had me take some very deep breaths and that brought it back up. Our 2 year old woke up at this point and her daddy brought her into the bedroom. I pushed for about 30 minutes and our son was born. Only to 4 and a half hours. I Shouted out ‘I did it, I did it.img_0405 I had a baby without drugs.’ Skylar, our daughter, was upset and asked in a very concerned tone, ‘What wrong mom butt?’ It was too funny. After the cord stopped pulsing Aaron cut it. Shortly after that I delivered the placenta. Toni checked me out. I had a tiny tear, not even worth stitches. Toni checked the placenta out. She said it was very healthy and big for such a little momma. Skylar was scared of it and Aaron had to take her out of the room during the exam. Well, I got up then and showered while Toni checked out the baby. During my shower I was very concerned about how much I was bleeding. I took medication for it, but it did not seem to be working, so Toni gave me a pitocin shot. That worked. Toni wanted me to eat since I had not eaten hardly a thing in 24 hours. I made myself, though I did not want to. The baby eventually wanted to nurse, though he did not nurse long because he fell asleep. Toni made sure we were both perfectly fine before she went home.

Funny side note: Toni’s car would not start and Aaron, my husband, had to go jump it for her. Even though I was tired I could not sleep. I just nursed and bonded with my baby for hours. So, overall my birth experience was everything I could have wanted. I am so happy we chose home birth. Recovery is going great. Nursing is great. I truly believe every woman (baring major health issues) can do this with the proper education and support. Home Birth for All.

Here are the baby’s birth stats:

Full name: Hayden Dwayne Oneil Griggersimg_0409
Date of Birth: May 28, 2009
Time: 4:22 am
Weight: 7lbs 14 oz
Length: 21 inches.

I thank the Lord for being there with me through everything. I thank Toni for such wonderful care and for reminding me who was really in charge. Thank you.